Apple Mail Configuration

Adding an email Account in Apple Mail (Mac)

Before you can add an email account to Apple Mail, make sure you have created your email account in cPanel first. Please note the username and password of your email address. The username for your email is the full email address. The password is the one you entered when you created your account.

  1. Open Apple Mail
  2. If you do not have an email account in your Apple Mail, select Add another email account and click Continue
  3. Otherwise, click on Mail, located in the top left corner, then go to add account. Out of the list that appears choose other mail account at the bottom. And click continue.
  4. Enter the appropriate data in the three boxes (full name, email address, password), then click Log in
  5. In the blank username section write the complete email address.
  6. Choose IMAP, as the account type
  7. Enter in the incoming server and outgoing server boxes, then click Sign in and finally click Done.
  8. You can now use Apple Mail with the desired email account!