About Us

Digital Brainbox [dbbx] is a full-service digital agency offering tailor-made solutions to small businesses, churches and individuals across the UK. If you are looking for a company that will work side-by-side with your brand or business to first come up with the best possible plan of action to coordinate your business or personal milestones? Look no further.

We have been providing cloud hosting since 2022 and our vision and passion have always been to build a hosting company that provided excellent support with 24x7x365 live chat so our customers can be rescued by one of our support teams whenever they needed help.

We are also a company that embraces new technologies to reach target audiences with ever greater efficiency, impact and timing. Our Agency is located in the heart of London. Our fundamental guide is FOCUS, and it’s enabling us to do the work we do on the level we do to unleash brands

Customer Onboarding

Once you join Digital Brainbox web hosting service as a customer, we consider you one of the family. We’ll help you get up and running with your email on your desktop or any other devices as well as helping you get up and running with WordPress.

We can also migrate your websites from your existing web hosting provider at no additional cost – we just need your old hosting details and we can copy the data from their systems and we’ll co-ordinate this with you so that there’s zero downtime during the process.

As well as helping you onboard, we’ll help to ensure your site runs to its optimal capability, and we’ll suggest performance improvements to you as and when we see them.